Twitter stops supporting IE6 & 7

Post by Audra Barclay

twitterForward moving (from lucky May 13, 2013 ) Twitter will no longer be supporting Microsoft's Internet Explorer 6 or IE7.

According to the powers that be, this  will enable more powerful, simpler, faster code.

Wondering what all this means for your twitter account?

We think it is good news!

The Details Simply Put

"The Tweet button, Follow button, embedded Tweets and timelines will cease to be initialized in IE6... Widgets will still be rendered in IE7 for the time being, but that browser now has limited support; future features may not be implemented. "

To view the announcement in full click here

What Does it Mean for You

It's great news! Unlike other browsers, people tend to hang on to out-dated Internet Explorer browsers forever. While we try to make websites to suit every customer, it helps when one of the BIG guys like Twitter say - "No, we aren't accomodating that old browser".  IE8 was introduced in 2009 - so IE7 is at least 4 years out of date!

So next time, a customer says I can't use your site in IE7 - you can encourage them to upgrade and add twitter to your list of sites that won't work well in that browser.

Occasionally, there are circumstances where older browsers and software need acommodation - e.g. in developing countries - and in that case you need to speak to your web developer to nut out what can and can't be done.

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