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A Review: SimpleList- A Simple Addon for Joomla!

Post by Richard Ho


listIt's neat to have a category blog layout or featured / front page layout where you can list items and the read more links to the detailed article.

But sometimes it would be nice if the list of items wasn't limited only to content articles on your website.

That's what this Joomla! addon does. Simple List creates neat lists in a blog-type layout - but the read more in those lists can link to anywhere.

A Review: Open Graph Protocol - A Social Media Addon for Joomla!

Post by Audra Barclay



You know when you share a link in Facebook or Linked in and there is a blurb and image associated with that link? Open Graph Tags are hidden fields for browsers and google and bots to read. Facebook uses these tags  - if present  - to select the text and image to associated with a shared link.

So if you use Joomla! and want to control the presentation of your links on Facebook, an addon like this is a superb idea!

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