Obama Twitter Hoax Shows Twitter's Pull

Post by Audra Barclay

The Associated Press Twitter account was reportedly hacked yesterday when it reported there was an explosion in the White House and Obama had been injured.

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What happened?

The Tweet was reportedly created by the Syrian Electronic Army. Following the false news, stock prices on Wall Street began to fall. The drop was short-lived as news of the hoax came to light.

You can read more details via the Wall Street Journal

What does this mean? / Wondering if you should use Twitter?

While this shows that Twitter accounts can be hacked, we don't think that's a reason to stop using Twitter, although it's a sound reminder to double check the reliability of what you read on the web.

We think it provides reasons for you to use Twitter because it shows :

  • Information relayed through Twitter is being picked up
  • That information is being acted on

Moreoever, simply this mention of the social media has increased it's brand awareness.

Twitter Security - Don't get hacked on Twitter - Top 3 Twitter Security Tips

1. Change your password - they ( the bad guys) can know your login but use a difficult pasword

2. Do not give other applications access to your Twitter account

3. Read the safe tweeting page.

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