Getting Started With Google Adwords

Post by Audra Barclay

This is a guide to setting up an Adwords Campaign

Before you start you need to

  • Set up a Google Account
  • Set up an Adwords Account
  • Do some keyword research and select keywords to match specific pages.
  • Set your budget




Create your campaign

1. Login to your adwords account

2. Click on Create Campaign and Select type - we suggest you start with search & display to see what works for you





 3. Enter Descriptive Campaign Name ( useful to identify as your list of campaigns grow)

4. Select  Type - if unsure start with Standard


5. Select Network - We generally uncheck include search partners to start with

6. Devices - Check mobile if you are promoting a mobile or mobile-specific page

7. Locations &  Language - select where you want to target your ads (where are your clients most likely to be located)

8. Bidding & Budget -  It's ideal to manually set your bids - so you can decide where to spend more money based on where you achive mroe conversions. However, you can select "Adwords will set my bids" if unsure BUT be careful to set a daily budget and review this so you are aware of what you are spending.

9. Set A Daily Budget. (multiple by 31 to assess your monthly expenditure)

10. Ad Extensions ( using these increases the size of your ad as well as adds extra information)

  • Use location if you have a physical location that may drive you traffic  ( we generally use google places data)
  • Use sitelinks  to some relevant pages on your site - that makes your ad larger
  • Always use the CALL option if you have phone number to be contacted on

11. Select Social if you have an active Google plus page with reviews .. but  might be worth leaving off if you aren't very active on Google plus

 create-adCreate your Ads

1. On the next page create an adgroup - again use a descriptive title to identify the ads to you

2. Create your ad ( we recommend a minimum of 3 ads per ad group)

   - Headline - get to the point

   - Descriptions - sell one thing only - use common calls like Buy Now ( they work)

   - Display URL - should be honest about where you are sending them (we use out main site url)

   - Actual URL should go to relevant page - This ad goes to  - the relevant page for the advertisement.

 3. Monitor  - Now you have set up your campaign you need to review it regulalry to see what works and what doesn't and revise as necessary.

Good Luck!

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