How to Remove a Website from Google Analytics

Post by Audra Barclay

In Google Analytics, websites are termed properties. So when you no longer want to track a website, and no longer need access to that data, you need to delete the property in your analytics account to remove it from your list.

!! Note if you delete a website from your Google Analytics list you are not removing yourself from watching the tracking you are removing the site from being tracked and its past data. So delete when the site no longer needs tracking - as a rule of thumb check with all parties that may be interested or following the site before removing it.

Here's How

1. Login to your analytics account


2. Navigate to ADMIN






3. Select ACCOUNT  (yourself or your client), Select PROPERTY (website), Click on VIEW Settings



4. Go to the far right bottom to find the DELETE link ...



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  • Guest (Aldin Pagdonsolan)

    This is great!

  • Guest (TimLCooley)

    Does this just remove me as a user or does it delete the entire account?

  • Hi Tim

    Excellent and Important Question! Thanks for bringing it up. I will add a note to the post on this.

    This deletes the website and it's data on Google Analytics.

    So say I owned and set it up in my Google Analytics. Then added you as a user so that when you logged into your Google Analytics you saw details also.

    If I gave you sufficient user writes ( edit or above) you would be able to delete this site and data from Google Analytics. And that would mean it would be deleted when I logged into my account also.



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