How can Instagram help your Business?

Post by Genevieve Giles

instagramAccording to Visual Teaching Alliance, 65% of the population are visual learners.

This means people are more likely to absorb information if you provide it in an image.

In this hectic world of ours, people pay closer attention to something that requires less time, effort and concentration.

Just as it takes a second to capture a moment, photos can be added to an Instagram account within a minute.

So if you don't have more than two minutes in your busy working day to devote to brand awareness, that's okay! Instagram is exactly as the title suggests, instant.



#Web Tip for posting on Instagram for your business

Images you upload do not necessarily have to be photographs

Many businesses will upload text-filled .gifs or .jpeg's that they have created if they have a very specific message they want to get across.

For example, if they are a business owner having a sale on their product or offering a discount, they will sometimes upload an image with this information.

Sydney-based women's clothing brand, Gorman, uses Instagram frequently to promote sales and discounts for their customers.

To the right is an example. This image  appears in the newsfeeds of all the users following this business on Instagram and can be integrated into Facebook and other newsfeeds too.

In the case of this brand, they will offer this discount to only their Instagram followers, as a thank you for being interested in their brand. Boom, guaranteed shoppers!

Top 4 Tips to a successful Instagram post

  • Use bright colours on features you want to accentuate
  • Short, simple words and minimal text.
  • Select interesting, relevant information, and a background image, if possible
  • Use key words you want to convey in bold, large font.

Keep posted for more tips on how to enhance your business via Social Media!

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  • Guest (Jane)

    Thanks but I"m not quite sure what instagram is - is it like pinterest? Do you make an account?

  • Hi Jane,

    Thanks for your feedback! Instagram is similar to Pintrest in the sense that it a social media portal that uses images as its medium for communication. However, the idea of Pintrest is to "pin" items of interest that a user has found on other websites and from other sources that are not necessarily the user's own personal photo or image. An Instagram account (yes you do have to set up an account but that can be done very easily and in a matter of minutes via your email address) is primarily made up of that particular user's own photos and images. Only very occasionally will an Instagram user post an image that is not their own.

    Hope this is helpful!



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