Five Great Reasons You Should Use YouTube On Your Website

Post by Audra Barclay


You might associate YouTube with blatant advertising (obviously we do!) or with crazy cats jumping spread-eagled from the top of a bookcase that's toppling over.

But you could be using YouTube to build client trust, to showcase your product or to establish your expertise, all of which can help turn your leads into sales and visitors into customers, followers or even advocates.



1. People Press Play

Have you got something you want your website visitors to hear or see? Want people to stop and look or listen? Clicking 'play' on a video is your customer saying "Ok Tell me Something".

Billions (around 6 billion) of YouTube hours are watched each month - which according to YouTube equates to around an hour for every person on earth. Getting people to listen to your  message is the first part of the battle. A YouTube video on your website can provide the means to to demonstrate many things - but most importantly it can make the website visitor prepare to spend a moment to see  / hear / experience your message.

Moreover, every time a visitor interacts with your website - like clicks on a video or link -  that brings them closer to clicking on your call to action. Every click on your website - is your visitor saying "0k", "Yes", "Tell me more", "Show me".

2. To See You is to Know You

One of the chief differences with Internet business is simply that it's on the Internet. Your visitors are wondering - are you real? Are you who you say you are? Are you where you say you are?

This lack of audio or visual meeting can inihibit the process of visitor becoming customer or follower. You can use a video to simply say hi and show your visitor who you are. This brings you quite a few steps closing to reaching a conversion. As you know - you need to get known, get familiar, get trusted and get wanted.

Ideas for helping your website visitor get to know you

  • Make a short and sweet "hi" video where you introduce yourself and what you do
  • Make a video tour of your office introducing your staff
  • Film a meeting - where you work on or consult for a real project
  • Film production or testing of your product
  • Record staff training sessions

3. Establish Your Expertise

One of the issues in purchasing or following is learning to trust you or your product's ability. How do they know you are the best? A video can show them that you are an expert.

No matter what credentials you have - you know you impress most when you sit with a customer inadvertantly demonstrating your expertise, while discussing their needs. This is difficult to replicate on a piece of paper or static website. However, a video can show you in action!

How to show your vistors that you are an expert

  • Include a video of a presenatation you made (preferably one with a standing ovation!)
  • Create some useful tutorials on your field of expertise
  • Answer client questions in video format

4. Showcase Your Product or Service

A picture is worth a thousand words.  Rather then tell them what you do - show them. 

The possibilities are endless. Show them your product in action. Show them your service being performed. Show them a before and after video. Show them the benefist  after a client used your services. Create a case study video. Create an unrelated video using product placement ( of your product!!) blatantly everywhere.

5. Create Word of Mouth Recommendations

Word-of-mouth recommendations - your customers recommending services or products that they are happy to recommend. A video clip provides an extended reach.

Visitors may not know your customers personally -  there may be more than 2 degrees separation - but a real testimonial will show a real person who is happy with your product or service. Better still  - create a video of customers using your product - wearing your dress, turning on a tap with a new washer or holding their new puppy.

You can create testimonial by simply asking a happy customer to webcam their feedback or you can be more formal and interview customers specifically asking how they benfitted from your service or product. 


I hope I have provided you with some YouTube web marketing ideas today - if you need help with this we can provide assistance with movie editing & filming services. [contact us here]

We are not affiliated with YouTube or and the same can be done with any video media - in particular Vimeo also provides a platform that is widely used. We simply chose YouTube as the example for this article as most people would be familiar with it.

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