Could Your Contact Page Be Costing You Customers?

Post by Audra Barclay

Getting too few customers?

Your analytics say you have good traffic to your website, but your enquiry and conversion rates are low.

No, it is not a marketing problem or a google algorithm change. It could well be that your contact page is making it difficult for customers to well, err, contact you.


When did you last check your contact page?

There are 2 key areas that need to be checked.

  1. Is the contact process user friendly?
  2. Does the form work? – not phone if doesn't work

Is the Contact Process User-Friendly?

Can the user easily find your contact details?

Typically there is a contact us type of link in the main menu or top right of the page. Users know to look there. It also very beneficial to have a contact us link in the footer – so when someone reaches the bottom of the page it is super easy to get in touch.

Recently we have found a lot of success using a small contact form in every page – like in the footer of our main website – – see the get in touch box in the footer.

Other great ideas are having a phone number in head or bottom of every page or offering live chat for instant contact.

Are your contact details correct?

Phone numbers, faxes, email and postal addresses listed on your contact page need to be up-to-date. It's easy to overlook updating your contact page details – which is why a regular check is encouraged.

Is the contact form user-friendly?

Look out for:

  • Too many fields to fill out
  • Not being able to tab through fields in order
  • Difficult captcha

Don't' make it an onerous task to get in touch. People  want a short and easy process, and some will become wary if you are collecting a lot of information. Review and rationalise your fields and which are compulsory. Make sure when you enter text in a field and press the tab button – it correctly moves to the next field box.

You may need a captcha. However, we recommend using an easy captcha – sacrificing the odd spammy submission getting through – but keeping it easy for the customer. Many customers will choose to leave a website rather than try a second time to get the are you human code correct.

Is the contact form working?

What could be worse than potential customers contacting you, but they never hear back from you. Contact forms can just stop working out the blue.

Common reasons why your contact form stops working

  • Changes/Updates in software on your web host
  • Changes/Updates in software on your website or CMS
  • Moved or changed mail server
  • Your mailbox is full
  • Adding a third party filtering system to your emails
  • Conflicts with code on the form – e.g. error messages are not showing so the user does not know the form was not submitted

In conclusion, 2 simple steps to protect your leads

  1. Check your contact form at least weekly – if it is well set up it should take you less than a minute!
  2. Make sure the forms on your website don't only email you messages but store them somewhere that you can retrieve them in the case of lost contact submissions


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