Writing for the web - 5 ways to improve your web copy immediately

Post by Audra Barclay




In the sea of resources and articles that is the internet, what can you do to make surfers select your page as the one to read.

Here are 5 top ways to immediately improve your web page's readability, so your pages engage your visitors and your conversion rates increase.




When you write for the web - your reader is often on the move or looking for information fast!

These are super easy and straight forward ways to make an immediate difference.

  1. Spell check 
  2. Break it up into bite size chunks - make the content easy to navigate, create smaller segments with headings
  3. Use bullet points or numbered lists to get to the point
  4. Don't be too technical  - skip or explain the jargon
  5. Less is more ... the proof is in the posting -  do a final read and skim things down
  6. (because we like to over-deliver) Add a picture or 2; it's worth a thousand words, and also breaks up the monotony, adds interest and grabs attention!

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